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Thank you for visiting our website! We are working to update the information and pictures to make it more informative and user-friendly. Your input and comments are appreciated. Please take a look around and let us know if there are questions that remain unanswered. Our office staff will be happy to assist you.

Who We Are

Rose Hill Memorial Gardens is the only perpetual care cemetery in Coffee County. We are family-owned and operated, as we have been since 1959. The present owners are Diana Keele-Williams McAfee, Dwight Keele, Nelson Watson, & Michelle Housley. Rose Hill takes pride in serving our families, friends, and neighbors, with compassion, courtesy, and professionalism. It is our goal to make Rose Hill a place of comfort and healing, where you can be confident that your loved ones, and you, will be cared for with respect.

We offer ground burial spaces and mausoleum spaces for both caskets and cremations. Our new monument area, The Garden of Faith, has almost one thousand spaces available for upright granite monuments. We have been told that this garden is an answer to prayer as there are those who have wanted to be buried at Rose Hill but weren't going to because they wanted a "traditional" headstone. Now that option is available and over two dozen families have already purchased their final resting places. Of course, we still have hundreds of spaces available for ground burial in the other areas of the cemetery as well: the gardens of Devotion, Christus, Gethsemane, Good Shepherd, Last Supper, and Prayer.

Memorials not only mark the graves of our loved ones and ourselves, they are a way of honoring a life and invoking powerful memories. At Rose Hill, we offer the finest quality bronze and granite memorials available and our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist with selection, personalization, and ordering exactly what our customers want and need. One benefit of purchasing your memorial from Rose Hill is that all costs are included in the prices we quote. Outside purchases are an option, but additional costs for installation, perpetual care, and death date scrolls will be added to the price you pay other memorial dealers. Considering that we are the ones who will install and maintain your memorial, as well as offer the best options around, it makes good sense to order from us!

Other merchandise we offer for sale are silk flowers for vases (with the patented stay-in-the-vase design only available through cemeteries) and saddles for granite monuments, solar crosses (all white, or with an imprinted American flag design), solar angels, comfort crosses and comfort angels made of stone from the Holy Land, and small American flags in 3 different sizes. Our flower placement program guarantees that your loved ones will have flowers on their graves when you are not available to place them yourself. Call for more information.

Our History

Rose Hill Memorial Gardens, Inc. was founded in 1955 by National Cemetery Corporation. In 1959, it was purchased by Leighton and Johnnie Hickerson Keele and Charles E. and Vera J. Parks. Although equal partners, it was mutually decided that Charles would serve as President and Leighton would serve as Vice President of the corporation. In reality, both men invested their lives into the cemetery and it became as much a part of their families as any other member.

Before purchasing the business, Leighton and Charles worked as cemetery property salesmen, while continuing their employment as mail carriers. They would complete their mail routes, then go door-to-door selling burial plots. At that time, the only type of burials available at Rose Hill were in-ground, either casket or cremation (which was rare).

In 1996, in response to the growing popularity of cremation and demand for above-ground burial (or "entombment") the Garden Mausoleum was built, consisting of 96 casket spaces and 32 cremation niches. It was very well received and it wasn't long before an additional 192 casket spaces and 62 niches were added. In 2006, the open-air Chapel Mausoleum was built, which can accommodate 384 casket spaces and 128 cremations.

Rose Hill is once again responding to public demands for burial options. We have opened a new garden for burials marked with upright monuments, what are commonly known as "headstones" or "tombstones". These are the kinds of memorials frequently seen in country cemeteries or church yards. Customers who already own spaces in the bronze sections of the cemetery have the option of transferring their account to the new section and receiving credit for what they have previously paid to Rose Hill for their lots.