Our staff has over 55 years of dedicated service.

Staff Profiles

Diana Keele Williams, Manager/Owner

Diana has been employed with Rose Hill since 1998. Diana is the Manager of day -to-day operations. Her duties consist of assisting families with purchasing lots, bronze memorials, mausoleum spaces, and cremation niches. She is also responsible for payroll and accounts payable, but her most important duty is that of taking care of our families. Diana is the daughter of Leighton and Johnnie H. Keele.

Beth Ezell, Family Services Counselor

Beth has been with Rose Hill Memorial Gardens since 2012, as well as having worked here from 2002-2005. She is Diana's Administrative Assistant, as well as a Family Services Counselor. As such, she assists with bookkeeping, payroll, reports and other paperwork, as well as assisting families with the purchase of lots, mausoleum spaces or niches, and memorials.

Larry Green, Grounds Supervisor

Larry has been employed at Rose Hill Memorial Gardens since 1990. He is our Head Caretaker and is responsible for all cemetery maintenance and the opening and closing of graves and for making sure the graves are laid out correctly. He is also responsible for the setting of bronze memorials as well as placing bronze plaques on the mausoleum. Larry has 30 acres to maintain with the help of three other caretakers. We average about 200 funerals a year.

Cathy Odle, Family Services Counselor