Rose Hill Memorial Gardens, Coffee County's only perpetual care cemetery, exists for the respectful interment of your loved ones. To ensure that the beauty and integrity of our gardens are maintained, we provide the following guideline:


Rose Hill staff are the only ones authorized to plant or landscape the grounds. We strive to keep our grounds beautiful so you have a place to honor your loved one.


Shepherd's hooks, toys, plastic hooks, statues, etc., should not be placed around graves. Please ask the staff if you have questions. Inappropriate items will be removed by Rose Hill staff. Rose Hill is not responsible for personal items stolen from the gardens.


From March 15th until November 1st, please limit flowers to those that will fit into the vase provided with the marker. This assists with mowing and trimming and ensures the beauty of the gardens.


As a Memorial Garden, Rose Hill allows only flat bronze markers for memorialization. Our caring staff at the Rose Hill office is available to assist you with purchasing a memorial.

Bronze Marker Specifications:

  • Marker MUST be a flat bronze with granite underneath.
  • Marker size for an adult must be a minimum of 24 x 12 inches.
  • Marker size for companion (couple/double) must be a minimum of 44 x 13 inches.
  • Rose Hill is not responsible for vases stolen from markers purchased elsewhere.
  • Rose Hill staff must be paid to install markers purchased elsewhere. Only Rose Hill staff are allow to place markers in the gardens.
  • Perpetual care must be paid to Rose Hill for markers purchased elsewhere