Chapel Mausoleum drawing

The Choice of Dignity and Respect

Built For the Ages - Rose Hill Mausoleum is constructed of time-defying granite, marble, steel and reinforced concrete.

  • Interior and exterior spaces; accommodates both caskets and cremains.
  • Beauty in every season of the year; protection from the elements.
  • All of your cemetery needs are covered in your initial mausoleum purchase (crypt space, protective chamber, memorial and perpetual care).
  • Casket Protection from the earth and elements in a clean, vented and sealed concrete chamber. The casket must be non-wood with a protective seal and embalming is mandatory.
  • Comparable to cost of in-ground burial.
  • Beautiful Open Chapel Area for religious or memorial services.
  • Tranquility and comfort in all seasons for those who attend the committal service and for future visitations by family and friends. Comfort and convenience for year round visitation.
  • Interest free pre-arrangement financing for up to 24 months.

Cremation Niches

  • Like more and more people today, you may be considering cremation as your economic and environmentally sound alternative.
  • Rose Hill Chapel Mausoleum offers beautiful niche spaces for loved one's cherished cremated remains.
  • Cremation niches allow you to create a lasting memorial that will serve as a focal point not only for the present-day survivors, but also for future generations.
  • By choosing cremation, you are choosing a dignified method of arrangement as well as affordable choice of service.